The exact time of the show will be shared very soon. The announcement and livestream will take place on my Instagram @Tristan_Brennwald


German author Karl May, who became very famous in the 1890s with his travel stories that talked about the adventures he experienced in the Wild West.  

The catch: He was lying and never went overseas. That's why the world he imagined was very different to the harsh reality and even to the romanticisations of American authors.


Inspired by Karl May, who spun tales of a mythical frontier he never personally traversed, this collection plays with the idea of a fashionable Wild West and reimagines quintessential western motifs into wearable art. 

A lasso metamorphoses into a corset, while the characteristics of Cowboy Boots transmute into a denim jacket. Gun holsters are the perfect size to carry phones while a western style belt becomes a skirt.


These creations are more than garments; they're portals to a place that exists only in the realm of dreams—a realm where prairies stretch as far as the eye can see, and towering mesas guard secrets beyond imagination


On September 14th at iconic Desert 5 Spot, the German and American vision of the Wild West will merge and create an unforgettable night. 

"Desert Dreams" beckons; answer the call to reimagine a past that never was, yet forever resonates within our dreams.

6516 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA