Tristan Brennwald challenges traditional gender roles by playing with masculine and feminine stereotypes to create androgynous looks that are both edgy and elegant. 

Lace&Leather Collection

By combining two materials that are traditionally associated with opposing genders, with “Lace&Leather” Brennwald has created a collection that is both inclusive and empowering.

c Andreas Riedmann

Casino Zögernitz

The Location

The stage for my debut collection and show was the ball room of the historic Casino Zögernitz. Since Johann Strauss played here in the 19th Century the soundtrack was a remix of a waltz from him.

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opposing fabrics

Lace & Leather

This combination challenges preconceived notions of what clothing should look like based on sexuality and gender, and opens up new possibilities for self-expression.

The overarching philosophy behind my "Lace&Leather" collection is a celebration of individuality and freedom of expression. 

It aims to inspire others to be true to themselves and embrace their unique identities through their clothing choices.

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Moreover, my clothes reject the idea that clothing should define one's sexuality. By creating androgynous looks that are versatile and can be worn by individuals of all genders and sexual orientations, the collection advocates for a more fluid approach to fashion. This approach embraces the idea that clothes should be a tool for self-expression, not a means for categorizing individuals based on stereotypes

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Sensual not sexual

This collection also reflects the versatility of my designs. The combination of lace and leather creates a unique and edgy aesthetic that can be dressed up or down, making the collection suitable for a variety of occasions. 

Unisex clothing that fits both men and women is often just oversized menswear that looks boring. My goal was to create garments that can be worn by anyone but are still sensual instead of genderless.

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