How it started

During the pandemic with 16 years of age, I followed the urge to express myself and taught myself how to design and sew.

I began creating my first few pieces that I wore proudly.

Finding my voice

I started to sell my first few custom pieces to diverse personalities from all over the world and learned more about myself through traveling.

I began blending masculine and feminine clothing styles to produce a unique and sophisticated androgynous aesthetic that is both edgy and elegant.
Society's expectations should not compromise the clothes that we wear, that's why my designs challenge traditional gender roles.

The first big step

After my first fashion show, it's clear that the industry has an interesting new name to watch out for. By combining two materials that are traditionally associated with opposing genders, with “Lace&Leather” Brennwald has created a collection that is both inclusive and empowering. It perfectly stands for the change in fashion that I want to be a part of.

The road ahead

While my journey continues and I'm excited for new opportunities the following portfolio shows previous projects.